You know, you want to know, a little about me….

I am a stay at home Grandma for my grandson.

I was around when there were no computers and we had dial phones with party lines.

When the internet came along it opened the whole world up for this little country, I can kill my own chickens for dinner, girl.

I read, study, learn, do every free webinar I can find and have a pretty good little crafting business going.:)

I have realized that I am not the only little fish swimming in this great big pond of Social Media..

I learned I am not the only one with this problem. Social networking and marketing can be very confusing:(

I am very good at explaining things in a very simple way.
Guess it has something to do with my child like mind.

I love to help people. I learned that from 15 years in the medical field as a Surgical Technologist, That I hated. The medical field not the people.

I love to give back for as much as I receive.

I sell bookmarks on my Etsy store and part of every sell goes to my favorite charity.

St, Judes Children research Hospital.

Please help me give back. 

Please help me give back.

 No get rich overnight scheme here.

It does take time, patience and most of all determination.

Social networking takes time and patience.

Social networking takes time and patience.

I have been studying Social Networking for over three years now and have learned plenty.

Mostly how to do it on a shoe string budget and not get scammed by some really good scammers out here.

I do have paid packages on my website if you are serious about getting your social network on the right track for your business.

Network, Kids party time, and crafting all rolled into one.
Network, Kids party time, and crafting all rolled into one.

My background is medical. I have a surgical technology degree.

I worked over 15 years in the medical field to only realize I hated how people are treated by medical professionals. Like we are just a chart and science experiment and not a person that needs medical guidance and help.

When I started staying at home caring for my family and running an in home childcare.

 Is when I truly started to be happy about what I was doing for a profession.

I love making new social friends through  the internet and helping you get your business noticed and how to do it.

Social Circles are the best thing EVER!!!

Social Networking help

Social Networking help

Lets Party


This is me in a nutshell. Perfect since I am kinda of nutty. Hey, But I am never boring:)

Look over on the right border and like me, follow me, and sign up for the Funhouse News. You know you never want to miss a good share:)

And thanks for taking the time to get to know me and

Nice to meetcha:)

Ms. Scarlet Faith

Ms.Scarlet Faith of Ms. Faith's Funhouse


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