Arghhhh, It’s the Pirates Life for ME

Worked on Pirates book marks today.

Got them on my website and in my Etsy store.

Pirates bookmark kit

Pirates bookmark kit

Pirates life premade bookmark

Pirates life premade bookmark

 I changed the look of my Etsy store and now have everything branded as Ms. Faith’s Funhouse.

Ms. Faith's Funhouse on Etsy

Ms. Faith’s Funhouse on Etsy

As I build my business and life just gets better and better I have been thinking of a way to give back.
Here is what my mom and I have come up with.

 I know its a winner.

let me know what you think.

I had my book marks selling for $ 3.00
 I have increased the price to $4.00 and a dollar for every sell will go to my favorite charity. St. Jude’s children’s Hospital.

I know you may think a dollar is not very much but after only 50 sells I will have 50.00 and that is a pretty decent donation.
Cool plan huh??
can you help spread the word about my plan

and share my web site.

bookmarks on the Funhouse Web Site

bookmarks on the Funhouse Web Site

Thanks. Together we can change the world:)


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