Its a sign I tell you and I am not reinventing the wheel here.

Ok not only do my cards tell me to write, I’ll be financially stable as long as I stay on track this year and another one of my Favorite Craft sites is putting a shout out for bloggers to become part of their team.

Oooooh, This is just tooo much of a sign to be ignored.

Today I’m made my application and sending it in. I  have a great feeling about blogging this year and going to the next level to make my money situation even better.

Blog app.

Blog app.

The two things I am focusing on this year is…

1) Sharing my party planning secrets and places I find to make it sooo easy to do.

2) Finding every way I can to get  my,

” Encourage someone to read,”  campaign to everyone possible and let just say,  I have fallen in love with making the bookmarks and searching out the cutest stickers ever and every child truly loves reading. So, it is a win,win all the way around.

This is something that is fun

and easy to get them interested in doing.

By Child I include the grownups who just might need to make that inner child a little happy

and creativity is a great way to do it.

Also, what an inexpensive way to create something that has a purpose and puts a little happiness in a persons day.

I consider that a LOVE – LOVE and definitely worth doing and putting out here for everyone.

bookmarks with my business card.

For my Party Planning, I am not reinventing the wheel. I just believe that sharing is caring. This is going to be a big lets just get happy year, and what better thing than to have all your helpful party planning needs in one place.


Heck, I am even here personally if you need more help than I have to offer by just a click.

I am only an e-mail or phone call away:)

I am wishing you all a happy New Year and  may all your wishes come true this year.

I know I am not am the only one

who feels the new energy in the air. 


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