I just had my Oprah Aha Moment!!! :)

Ok, I love the blog, Craft Gossip. I get it on three different e-mails.

I have been looking and waiting to be directed in what I should be doing.

I love to work with my divination, crystals, and spiritual card decks. Some people think it is wierd. I just think it is awesome. The energies gave the deck Life purpose and this is the third time I have gotten the card … You are a writer.

Then today I saw this shout out…

My Oprah Aha moment

OMG, I get it!!!… I love to give parties when I am not helping out with childcare,  I am helping friends with planning parties and romantic dinners.

I know this…. All the experts say

blog what you know and love, right?

Aha, this year I will focus not only on my bookmark project and encouraging reading but I am going to focus on blogging, Facebooking, Twittering, and Pinteresting about easy to do parties and how to keep it fun and stress free and oh yeah, different themes of course.

I got this. 

I am sooo happy and I feel that new idea here I go mode feeling.

Is anyone else having an aha moment this year??

If you are,  please share in the comment box below.

Questions are welcomed as well.

I love a challenge. Please give me one to help you.

Ohhhh, I feel so Martha right now.

Oh, yeah. one more sign…  this is due by my Birthday the 10th.

Even my mom is saying Its a SIGN:) I love how the universe can just hit you over the head to show you what to do and go for and then do it!!!

Happy new year Ya’ll:)

Here I go.

Happy New Year from Ms. faith's Funhouse


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